About Us

Meet BillAdvise

Bills, bills, bills… Annoying but necessary. We never look forward to them and they take chunks out of our Cash-flow we’d rather reinvest in our business. We particularly dislike bills when they suddenly increase.

In 2015, we launched BillAdvise, combining more than 20 years of experience in business with helping businesses save money on common services and products.

Our experts specialize in energy/utilities, internet, merchant processing, cell phone, TV, insurance, and more. We’ll find a way to reduce your recurring monthly bills or shop a better service provider altogether!

What We Do

Paying monthly for services most of us can’t live without can take a bite out your budget – especially when providers raise their prices, which seems to happen way too often.

Is it necessary to pay more when you don’t have to? Do providers truly understand that getting your business is a privilege, not something to be taken advantage of with hidden fees, rate hikes, and long waits over the phone with an agent who cares more about their next break than your money?

At BillAdvise, we advocate on your behalf so you keep more of your money – not the providers. We put back at least $10,000 a year in our typical client’s pocket!

Why We Do It

Our negotiation pros have extensive backgrounds in sales, insurance negotiations, and even collections. Most importantly, they have experience on the flip side: as a customer!

We understand what it’s like when customers get poor service, pay too much, or just really want to find a different provider but don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make customers like you smile again. What better way to do it than to help people save the money they need to meet their business goals?

You have better things to spend your hard-earned money and limited time on than bills. Whether it’s saving for your family, your future, a big purchase, or even a splurge, it’s your money and we advocate for you to keep it where it belongs.

You deserve the best service at the right price, and BillAdvise makes it happen.

How We Help

We don’t start until we have your authorization. Unlike other services, BillAdvise won’t call your providers and pretend to be you.

Since we have extensive experience dealing with many nationwide service providers, there is zero need to do this. Being upfront about who we are allows us to uncover better opportunities for you. Then we’re able to leverage our professional understanding and skills in these areas.

We’re here to help you save, and this leaves you with more money in the long run.

We work to protect your wallet, so you can get back to the more important things in life and things you actually enjoy!